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Why Independent?


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Why Independent?

Traditionally, home inspection services were provided by local engineers, architects and contractors.  When asked by their clients, real estate agents did not have many options and generally directed their client of contracted directly the "local expert".  

Unfortunately, these same "experts" were reviewing a home with the perspective of potentially some work to do or create for their own interests.  Also there are contractors, engineers and architects that have natural alignment with some of the real estate offices here at Lake Chapala which was not necessarily in the best interests of the client.  

The decision of being an independent real estate consultant and inspector was an important and difficult decision, since it could affect the future volume of business for AHI.  However, natural dread of the "home inspector" is expected by some of the real estate agents since the home inspection is the last hurdle to cover prior to closing the property and receiving their commission for the sale.  

To ethically represent the client and complete the fiduciary responsibilities of an inspector, meant not paying referral fees to the real estate offices for business nor referring business directly to the contractors, engineers or architects.  If someone is referring another company, question whether a referral fee will be paid.  

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