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Thank you for inspecting the property we are purchasing.   Your report was excellent: very thorough and informative. 

Grant Morris, C.E.T
Technical Systems Analyst
Devon Canada Corporation
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the thorough report.  I especially appreciate the direction you provided in area that need to be addressed. 

David Flaningam
Beavercreek, Oregon, USA

We appreciate your thoroughness and and the effort you put into your report.  We were pleased with the job you did, and we can't imagine how anyone could buy without you.  It is so difficult to deal with things knowing the seller and the realtor have no obligation to disclose. It must be difficult to be in the middle, but without someone like you how could anyone make the leap of faith to  buy anything?  I am sure everyone soon will realize this, and appreciate your services as much as we do.  
What a learning experience this has been!  
You are the best insurance a homeowner could have. 

Jeanne Wescott
Miami, Florida, USA

Got the report.  It was great . . . . it was in layman's terms,  and easy to read through.  Thanks again, it will be very helpful in creating our to-do list.

Alan. D. Rider 
ADR Consulting
Vancouver, WA
, USA 

I also think it's important to ALL home owners and buyers to know just exactly how good you are.  You are the 3rd inspector that I have used in the Chapala area, and by far, your knowledge is superior to the others.  Don't get me wrong, (the other inspector's name)  is a good friend of mine and he does great home inspections, but he does not have the expertise that you do with all the land info that you do. 

Emily Lowstuter
Alexandria, VA USA

Your knowledge of the area is a great asset. 

Bart Miller
Las Vegas, NV, USA

We received the report and thank you for a very thorough and professional job.  It certainly gives us a list of what needs to be done and in what order to tackle it.

Gwynne Lott
Carrollton, TX USA

Your report delivered more than expected. Thank you so much for that! It's a good primer on what we need to watch for, which is what we wanted.

Margaret Larson
Reno, NV, USA

Thanks so much for you excellent ideas and input.  It's nice know that we have a few options to choose from.

Rick Rhoda
Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

I also want to share one story from my first trip to Ajijic last summer.

[Name withheld by AHI] had just sold and closed a house in La Floresta.  I was staying in [Name withheld by AHI] casita, as was the other woman who just bought the house.   The other woman is single and although had bought and sold a lot of property in the states, was not used to asking about plumbing, etc., etc. and neither she nor [Name withheld by AHI] asked any of those questions on the house just purchased.

For two days I got to tag along post-closing and see the 'discoveries' emerge.  There was nearly $60,000 US wrong with the house that needed attention fairly soon.  A tree needed to come down, the pool was cracked and they were not sure why, internal plumbing had problems....and on and on.

Seems to me an inspection would have been more than worth it.

Susan Reynolds
Denton, TX, USA

Brad, seriously, your work was very impressive, and I enjoyed reading through it. 

Richard D. "Doc" Miller
Virginia, USA

Thanks for the speedy turnaround on our home report. I'm so glad that we decided to work with you. The report is excellent...very clear and thorough. We feel so much safer making this purchase knowing exactly what needs to happen with the house from the perspective of someone who understands the area and the homes here. You demystified so much for us and we don't feel intimidated about our choices and decisions any more.

Also thanks for your patience with all of our questions. Your recommendations are going to make this whole process so much smoother.

Diane Goldstein
California, USA

Brooke and I want to thank you for offering a very important service for those of us adventuring into the purchase of a property in Ajijic.  As a real estate broker in San Francisco for over 18 years I am aware of the importance of a home inspection to check all the systems and overall structure of the house.  I felt fortunate when I found your ad for home inspections in Mex Connect and heard from several friends that you were respected in the community.  We learned a great deal as we accompanied you on your inspection of the house and again when you followed up with a detailed written report. You even included the electrical history of the house, with an explanation of Mexico’s unique billing system.  When we had construction questions during our remodeling you were available, for a reasonable fee, to go over with us the pros and cons of our remodeling decisions. 

We learned a bit more about: boveda construction, water storage in an aljibe, salitre/efflorescence of the masonry walls and a few other things as well.  Problems will, and have, come up, having you as a resource, however, has made all the difference in our abilities to find solutions to those problems.  When the neighbors in our complex called to say the water smelled funny we pointed out that your report suggested having the aljibe cleaned once every two or so years.  It had never been cleaned!  When our roof leaked, after our contractor assured us the no water would ever get through the thick masonry, we looked back (unfortunately after the tile work was done) and saw that you did indeed recommend resealing the roof before putting on the tiles. 

So, thank you Brad, for helping to bridge the gap of knowledge between two worlds and helping to make our adventure more fun than trouble.

Margret Maker & Brooke Bassett

We have received your EXCELLENT home report. Done in a very professional and detailed manner. 

MY, I do say you do an excellent job.   Thank you very much.

Narendra (Ren) P Jhala
Shelbyville, Indiana, USA

Many thanks for your latest home inspection report.
As usual, your report is most thorough. (I can state that since we are repeat customers!!)

The time and effort you spend in your inspections is certainly reflected in your written evaluations; not only in the factual content, but also in your recognizing imminent problems as well as potential ones. You also pay particular attention to details and, in some instances, point out possible hazards that could affect the safety and welfare of the homebuyer.

You have been most generous in giving of your time, not only to the actual inspection, but also in the necessary follow-up sessions to answer any questions and to offer suggestions how improvements can be made.

Your recommendations of professionals in the building and related fields we are sure will prove to be most valuable.

It has been a real pleasure to know you and to have you as our home inspector. We place the fullest confidence in your judgment and very much appreciate your honest and forthright manner.

Please be assured we will recommend you without hesitation or reservation to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, professional home inspector.

Harry, Simon & Alejandro
Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

Thank you for your prompt response to my request. I appreciate how very busy you are. Tara and I are very pleased with the amount of detail contained in your report and all the helpful suggestions.

Louraisha Shaw
Plano, TX, USA

Thanks very much, Brad.  This is very useful info (albeit a little intimidating!).  Hard to believe that a new house could require so much work, but to be fair, I guess it wasn’t finished.   

In any case, we haven’t decided whether to make an offer.  This report gives us lots to think about!!!   Great job and exactly the info we needed.

Kristy Duncan
Toronto, ON, Canada

Not sure why someone would think that you are better off going with someone else - maybe they can offer you details.  From our experience, we couldn't have been happier with Brad and the service/professionalism he gave us.  We bought a house recently in Barra de Navidad - almost 4 hours away for Brad, and a day of travel for us (we are in Canada)

Brad answered all of my questions before we decided to use him to my satisfaction, and although we paid more to use his services because of his traveling time, I felt confident enough as an absentee buyer that we bought the house based on his inspection report.

Not only was the report extensive and concise, it was explained in detailed layman's terms in case we were not clear on what was being discussed. From Brad's detailed report, we were able to get accurate prices from contractors on our renovations, and when we had a couple of questions regarding an initial quote, Brad was good enough to give me his opinion on the costs we received, based on his inspection (he did this at no cost to me even though I had offered to pay for his extra work)

Brad communicated with us and our real estate agent quickly and thoroughly, including a clear initial report the day after his inspection and a complete report within a few days of his visit to the house. He included both opinions and facts as well as suggestions for possible solutions to our issues that could bring our new home up to standards we are used to (as well as a couple of reasons why something may be adequate by local standards)

All of this was done while he was moving house, and aside from the couple of days that he was actually moving, he got back to me immediately every time I contacted him - including when I asked for his opinion on the quote I had received, and that was something that he was not getting paid for!

So, go ahead and go with someone else, but at least do your due diligence before you do.  Don't believe everything you read - and that includes what I just said - talk to your inspector, ask him questions, including what his experience and background is and what he is going to provide for you. And ask yourself, "Does this guy have a relationship with the realtor or the seller, or is he working for me?" We did, and we got what we wanted - a professional.

(and if you want to see the report Brad did for me, send me an email and I'll send you a copy so you can see for yourself: janatsandersonconcretedotcom )

(Comments copied from www.chapala.com)
Jan Arntrop
Surrey, BC, Canada

Thank you so much.  This gives me a great deal of peace of mind.  As there are always issues with a house and property, I appreciate all you have done to inform me and keep any negative surprises to a minimum. 
I cannot thank you enough. 

Kristin Knighton
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Brad works for the client and he will tell you that he has no authority to force a builder or seller to remedy the any flaws he finds. However, the builders or sellers know that if he makes suggestions, it may well mean that it could make or break a deal. A comment that was made to me was, “when Brad shows up, things are done properly.”

If you want your property inspected before purchasing, Brad Grieve is well known at Lakeside, and has saved many of my friends a lot of money by what he has found during his inspections. 

(Comments excerpted from article posted on  www.focusonmexico.com)
Clay McAdam (and wife Jutta)|    
Retired Edmonton Police Services
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I received the attached home inspection report and appreciate the work you put into it. Thanks for your attention to detail. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend your services in the future. 

Joe Mertens (and wife Brandi) 
Ajijic, Jalisco

During our last meeting in your office Shirley and I were impressed with your obvious familiarity with the local building business, and your ability to quickly jot down an estimation of what it would take to correct the discrepancies you found at #26 Camino Real, including the cost of remodeling the kitchen - using mid-range material and appliances..  Together with your reputation and experience with this type of work, and our ability to talk with each other, that is why we want to work with you. 

Many thanks.

Bob Semken (and wife Shirley
Vancouver, BC, Canada

This is a great summary and it looks like you hit everything and were very thorough and professional – thank you very much.  The biggest problem I have encountered in buying real estate in Mexico is the general dishonesty throughout. 

You did a great job and I will use you for all future transactions in the Guadalajara area which I hope to be a few more.

Mike Markarian
Texas, USA

I am very satisfied with your report and pleased with the way you present it. Very professional and easy to read. 

Thank you very much

Keith Tarswell, Real Estate Broker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for all the good advice on the house, especially with respect to the north side.  I can see us doing some remodeling on that side, since I will be converting the office into  my bedroom.  We will probably be seeking you out for some engineering or architectural advice.

Look forward to meeting you are some time.  My details are below.

Tonita Murray, Team Leader
Strategic Support to the Ministry of Interior (SSMI)
A UK Department for International Development (DFID) Project
Managed by Coffey International Development

Just wanted to say thank you.  Your report was very comprehensive and well written.  We believe the items noted for attention can be taken care of with the minimum of expense and are not serious  - but we will be following up on them.

Maybe we'll put a face to your name in the near future!

Fiona Murray, CN Rail, 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada



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